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  • Free Rosa
    Please help free bears like Rosa from their prison hell.
  • Help dogs like Cempaka
    Please help save dogs from the cruel dog meat trade. Donate today.
  • Take Action for lambs
    Please sign to protect lambs from mulesing in Australia!


  • Help free bears like Rosa today
    Bears like Rosa are trapped in a living hell. Imprisoned in tiny, filthy cages when they should be roaming free. Will you help rescue them today?
  • Dog and Cat Meat Trade
    An estimated 30 million dogs and an unknown number of cats suffer horrific cruelty and slaughter every year for the meat trade. FOUR PAWS is actively fighting to end the trade.
  • Help protect animals suffering for fashion
    Millions of animals suffer every year for our clothing. But it doesn't have to be this way! Help us show brands that you choose to Wear it Kind.
  • Take Action for Bile Bears
    Help us end bear farming in Vietnam. Sign our petition now and help Vietnam's saddest bears.

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