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Save Gaza Animals

We have achieved the impossible

We managed to save more than 40 animals from Rafah Zoo. A huge thank you goes out to everyone who supported this mission. We'll keep you updated what happens next so you can be part of the freed animal's journey into their new lives - stay tuned!


Check out this video from Behind the Scenes of the Rafah Zoo rescue, and head to FOUR PAWS Australia Facebook page for the latest updates. 

Note: Any advertisements that may appear during the viewing of this video are unrelated to FOUR PAWS. We assume no liability for this content.

Declawed lioness, stuffed animals and frozen lion cubs

At the beginning of 2019, Gaza's oldest zoo attracted worldwide attention. Four lion cubs froze to death there due to the harsh weather and poor keeping conditions. Only a few weeks later, a 14-month-old lioness was forever mutilated by the brutal and unprofessional removal of her claws. Almost 150,000 people joined us in a global call for action - fortunately we were able to follow that call. 


The zoo cages are empty, and the animals are in our care. But their long road to recovery has only just started. These animals urgently need our help. Donate today to help their recovery. 


Check out this video from Brut Nature covering the incredible rescue!

What do we know about Rafah zoo?

The small zoo in Rafah was opened in 1999, located in the southernmost part of the Gaza Strip, close to the border with Egypt. In 2004, the zoo was almost completely demolished. Some of the animals were killed, stuffed and are on display at the zoo.

Our past rescues in Gaza

FOUR PAWS has been active in Gaza since 2014 and has already evacuated and closed down two zoos – Al-Bisan zoo and Khan Younis zoo – in the region. The former zoo inhabitants were transferred to FOUR PAWS' sanctuaries around the world.

Rafah Zoo is well known to us. In 2015, the owner of the zoo sold the two lion cubs Max and Mona to a local who gave them to his grandchildren. The cubs ended up in a refugee camp from where we confiscated them and brought them to Al Ma'wa for Nature & Wildlife sanctuary in Jordan.


We will keep you updated about the recovery of the animals of Rafah Zoo via Facebook and email

Please consider donating to support the recovery of these animals, who need our care more than ever. 



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