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FOUR PAWS funds Education Resource Kits for AMRRIC

Each Education Resource Kit is filled with a variety of fun items which help children learn to take care of dogs.
© FOUR PAWS Australia

We are proud to support AMRRIC (Animal Management in Rural and Remote Indigenous Communities). FOUR PAWS is funding 50 Education Resource Kits (ERKs), which AMRRIC using to teach children in remote Indigenous communities the best way to take care of their dogs and ensure their health and welfare.

The ERKs are designed to assist community outreach workers and classroom teachers to provide a fun way to teach dog health education. The kits provide the basic resources to deliver lessons and organise community activities focused on subjects such as teaching children the importance of veterinary care, understanding dog needs and health requirements and safe behavior around dogs. The ERKs include lesson plans, DVDs, games, dog toys and animal health products.


Volunteers prepare and assemble the kits and AMRRIC Education Officers train and mentor indigenous tutors in the use of the provided tools and aids. The kits are being distributed to indigenous communities and schools throughout Australia. 

Volunteers help to prepare the ERKs for schools.