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Stray Animal Care Egypt


FOUR PAWS SAC team treats strays in Egypt

Egypt is among the top travel destinations  for people looking to escape the cold winter temperatures for a holiday in sunnier climes. But beside the sunny weather and holiday fun, we often fail to notice that Egypt is also home to many stray animals.


A team of 13 people including two FOUR PAWS vets and a vet technician recently took action in Sharm el-Sheikh, one of Egypt’s most popular tourist spots. In cooperation with ESAF (The Egyptian Society of Animal Friends), we neutered and provided veterinary treatment to 88 dogs and 17 cats between the end of November and mid-December.

The friendly stray Sharm has found a new home
© FOUR PAWS | 2014

Sharm – The rescued stray

One dog was especially lucky. As the team went searching for strays, they came across a group of dogs. Several of them showed rather aggressive behaviour towards an extremely thin female dog, who fearfully tried to hide under a concrete slab. The team immediately anaesthetised some of the dogs with blowpipes to treat them medically. When the female dog feared no more danger from the other strays, she came out of her hideout. She was friendly and trusting towards the team members, who brought her to the clinic to give her medical treatment. Her strong attachment  to humans suggests she had only recently become a stray so we began a search for a new home for her – with success!  Sharm found loving new owners, who also gave the dog her new name.

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Catch-Neuter-Release (CRN)

FOUR PAWS is also implementing the Catch-Neuter-Release method in Egypt: The strays are caught and then neutered, provided with veterinary care and vaccinated. They are then released into familiar surroundings. Through this method the stray population can be reduced in a humane and sustainable way. This is why Catch-Neuter-Release is the only method recognised by the WHO (World Health Organization) as a sustainable solution to stray dog overpopulation. FOUR PAWS has been working according to this method for many years and also trains vets in many countries in this method. This was also the case in Sharm el-Sheikh, where several local vets were trained and are now continuing to help reduce the stray population and treat injured or sick animals.


Find more information about the Catch-Neuter-Release method here: