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The Therapy-Team

Richie, two days old


Richie, the youngest from the therapy group, was born in a parking lot, right on a movie set. Alone and sad, surrounded by boxes and with his neck stuck in plastic, Richie’s only chance of survival was that his cries were heard and he was taken to the vet. He was so small - only two days old - that he still had his umbilical cord attached. He was he was cared for and fed hourly by his new owner, just like his mother would have done. He survived his first weeks and after he started to walk, the training began.


Now, a year later, he continues to learn, alongside the kids and elderly which he visits regularly. He is ready to have fun and educate people about his lucky story and all the things that stray dogs can do.

Richie today



Our therapy dog Mulan was found on a country road near Bucarest. She was rescued just before being run over by a lorry. Adopted and raised by a vet, she soon recovered and was named Mulan – after the Chinese girl from the Walt Disney story.


Mulan has been part of our therapy team since 2012. She is a calm and intelligent dog. Mulan works with Ema and together they visit homes of elderly and disabled.



Ema has worked since 2008 as therapy and rescue dog for the DFP team.


Mihaela and Tuca

Suffering from a neurologically damaging disease sometime in her past, nobody ever gave Tuca a chance. We met her in an overpopulated shelter and decided to give her a chance. Her good nature and steady drive proved excellent, as she is one of the dogs that do both therapy and SaR. She has worked with Ema and Vlad, and now works with Mihaela.