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Dogs for People

“Dogs for People” which started in 2004, aims to train strays as therapy dogs to work with children and young people with special needs. This valuable training not only gives the dogs a new life - it also helps support people with specific emotional or physical needs.


Strays make great companions

Stray dogs are sensitive, reliable and show remarkable stamina. That’s why they are great for supporting people.People suffering from severe emotional disabilities can find it easier to communicate with an animal than with a person. FOUR PAWS recognised that animals treat humans the same regardless of any disability and can have a calming therapeutic influence on people they spend time with.

How does the project work?

Psychologists have observed that by establishing a strong relationship with the dog, children are able to adapt better to general situations of every day life.


During twice weekly visits and the support of psychologists, the children perform non-failure activities with the dog, for example how to feed or how to reward. By focusing on their duties with the dog, they not only improve their self esteem but can often improve concentration and alleviate aggression.


In return the dogs are rewarded with an exciting role and lots of affection for their hard work.