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Big Cat Sanctuary Lionsrock

LIONSROCK – Refuge for victims of the lion industry

FOUR PAWS offers lions who are rescued from breeding and canned hunting farms a secure and species appropriate place to live out their lives at our Big Cat Sanctuary LIONSROCK in South Africa. These animals have been spared from ending up as a trophy. They will remain at LIONSROCK for the rest of their lives. They will not be sold and may not be bred with or hunted.

The journey of two lions, Simba and Saeed, rescued from war-torn zoos in Mosul and Aleppo and now living at our LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary & Lodge.

After extensive research in various countries FOUR PAWS decided to take over an already existing park in South Africa. In the centre of the area is a prominent rock called 'LIONSROCK'. This became the name of the big cat sanctuary.


On the approximately 1,250 hectares area, lions and tigers have found a new home where they are safe and well looked after in a species-appropriate environment. LIONSROCK has already rescued more than 100 big cats from all over the world. These animals are provided with a lifelong home and habitat appropriate to their species. All enclosures are several hectares in size and consist of open grassland with bushes and trees. In all the enclosures shelters have been constructed which can be used by the animals as resting places. Natural structures made from dead trees provide the animals with the possibility to hide and shelter from the elements. The enclosures are circular in shape and follow the natural shape of the land. This ensures that the animals are never in a corner and provides a feeling that there is no border.


LIONSROCK is also home to a variety of animals including Wildebeests Blesbuck, Burchell’s Zebra, Duiker, Eland, Impala, Letchwe, Mountain Reedbuck, Red Hartebeest, Reedbuck, Springbuck, Steenbuck and Waterbuck. Furthermore, there is also a wide variety of bird species who have found refuge on the sanctuary. See more at LIONSROCK here

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