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FOUR PAWS opens new bear enclosure at the Hanoi Wildlife Rescue Centre Soc Son


© FOUR PAWS | Do Van Hung

A new home for former bile bears

In the coming years the aim of FOUR PAWS is to develop an overall strategy for the rescue of the last Vietnamese bile bears and to promote nature and wildlife conservation in Vietnam. In a first step, the animal rights group has helped the State Wildlife Rescue Station Soc Son in Hanoi to improve the living conditions for 15 bears who are living there. With the support of FOUR PAWS a new bear enclosure with a 1,000 square metre outdoor area was built and has now been officially opened.

© FOUR PAWS | Do Van Hung

FOUR PAWS provided more space for former bile bears

The 15 former bile bears lived previously in tight and sometimes dreary circumstances at the state-owned Wildlife Rescue Centre Soc Son in Hanoi. Moreover, almost all the bears didn’t have the chance to go outside their indoor enclosure. Together with the staff of the Wildlife Rescue Centre, FOUR PAWS renovated the Hanoi Wildlife Rescue Centre to give the bears more space and opportunities to spend their everyday life. As part of the new construction, the old enclosures have been improved, so that the animals now have more room to move and carry out their natural instincts, such as bathing or climbing.

f.l.: Mr Ngô Bá Oanh – Director of HWRC, Mr. Chu Phú Mỹ – comissioner und directortor of Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Hanoi, FOUR PAWS president and founder Heli Dungler, FOUR PAWS Vietnam director Nguyen Thi Thu Hien, Dr. Thomas Loidl - Botschafter der Republik Österreich in der Sozialistischen Republik Vietnam, Carsten Hertwig - FOUR PAWS bear expert
© FOUR PAWS | Do Van Hung

The new bear enclosure has opened

In the presence of numerous political representatives, the new bear enclosure was inaugurated. Six of the 15 bears moved into the new enclosure on a total of 1,000 square meters of outdoor area. FOUR PAWS president and founder Heli Dungler was delighted about the performance of the employees and the high media interest on-site: "It's nice to see how happy the bears are in their new home. Our FOUR PAWS team on-site has done a great job in the past few months and not only created more space for the animals, but also trained the staff in all areas of professional bear management."