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A new life for Nhi Nho

Nhi Nho is a female Asiatic black bear, who was born in the wild but was trapped by hunters to be sold to a bile bear farm in Ninh Binh province. She is unable to walk normally due to her missing front paws, which were very likely amputated by a steel-jaw trap or deliberately removed to make bear paw soup or wine. During her 12 years on the bile farm, Nhi Nho endured an unbearable life.


Nhi Nho was kept in a small, rusty cage never seeing the sunlight. She endured extreme suffering from both the terrible living conditions and the bile extraction. In November 2017, Nhi Nho was rescued from a life of suffering, by FOUR PAWS in collaboration with the local government.

Watch Nhi Nho today at our bear sanctuary here!

From a bile bear farm to a species-appropriate home in BEAR SANCTUARY Ninh Binh

We are very happy with how quickly Nhi Nho has adapted to her new environment at our BEAR SANCTUARY Ninh Binh. Even though she is missing her front paws, Nhi Nho has adjusted well to her disability. She really loves to spend time outside, foraging, digging, swimming, and nesting. Regarding her character, we can say that she is curious, calm and she knows how to relax enjoy comfort.

It is almost a miracle that she recovered so well. Thanks go out to everyone who donated towards Nhi Nho's rescue and recovery!

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