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Buying a puppy?

Puppies on a puppy farm

The dirty business of treating dogs like a "commodity“

Nowadays it is common to buy animals online via classified ad sites. This is particularly true for pure-bred dogs and puppies which are really popular. For example: golden retrievers, labrador retrievers, pomeranians, bulldogs, pitbulls, pugs, french bulldogs, yorkshire terriers, staffordshire terriers and many more popular breeds. Millions of people search for them on the internet every day. 


A lot of people are making money because of the popularity of dogs. They are easy to breed and there are no guidelines on how to do it properly. The puppies are taken away from their moms before the end of their nursing period and kept in horrible living conditions. The puppies are being kept in small wired cages and are infected with deadly puppy diseases like parvo.


Born at massive commercial breeding facilities and robbed of the opportunity to enjoy a life free of suffering – this is the fate that awaits puppies born at puppy mills. Dogs languish under the worst conditions confined in basements, sheds, and garages. They are kept in small, dark, and dirty accommodations with no ventilation or heat, are not given any exercise, and are often malnourished and dehydrated. Nor are the mothers or puppies provided with the medical care they require.  


For the puppies, these social animals are frequently removed from the mother at a far too young age. The puppies are therefore deprived of the social contact and care from humans or their mother. The mother, reduced to a breeding machine, is often too weak to care for her children, as she is bred over and over again with next to no recovery time allowed in between litters.


A few weeks after their birth the puppies may be sold to pet stores or be advertised online. The customers are immediately entranced by the cute animal at the store (or by the misleading pictures presented of the animal online) and frequently rush to the decision to buy the puppy. However, they are unaware that the dogs are usually not sufficiently vaccinated, and haven’t been de-wormed or chipped. The papers are frequently forged and the true housing conditions and upbringing of the dogs is not presented truthfully.


Problems can appear very soon after the purchase. Many of the animals become ill, show serious physical and behavioral problems, and can even become aggressive. This is not surprising, as the puppies suffered so much through the first few weeks of their lives, a period which is central to the development of dogs.


To learn more about puppy mills visit the Puppy Mill Project.


Before you buy a puppy, please pay attention to the seller, does the seller has a lot of puppies for sale and what are the living conditions? If you buy a puppy which comes from a puppytrader, it will possibly be very sick and die eventually. 

Sick puppies